About Us

Andy has been farming most of his life in one way or another.  He spent summers with relatives in Mississippi raising cotton, soy beans, hay and other crops.  Days on end were spent on a tractor, planting, cultivating, and harvesting.  In Georgia, he has worked with his family, farming on his Grandmother’s farm which we are now using to raise crops, cows, pigs, and chickens.  In 2008, when the construction industry in Georgia dried up, we made the tough decision to close our grading business and start farming full-time.  Our most recent challenge is to take an old farm and turn it back into a working farm.  This farm has a farm stand which opened early March 2013 and is located at 3625 Powder Springs Road in Powder Springs.

We strive to provide the most nutritious food we can grow, using natural methods and raising our animals in a free-range, chemical-free environment.  We hope you will try our meat and produce because we think you will love it!

Andy, Nancy and AJ Bray